5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

It’s been just over three months since we moved. Since then, I’ve spent too many hours browsing online for the perfect furniture and accessories to fill our home. Although some of these might be a bit obvious, I’m hoping I might introduce you to a couple of new stores, too.

Little Deer

Little Deer has the most beautiful products (and they’re photographed so well, which makes it much easier to see what the item will look like in situ). The company is a small one based in Brighton. Most of the items available on the website are made in the studio, too.

5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

Candles, Unherd Co. | Tray, Little Deer | Coffee Table, IKEA | Eat, Drink, Nap Book, Soho Home

I got my Wicker Bamboo Large Tray from Little Deer and it has completely transformed the style of my coffee table. It’s such a simple addition but it can make all of the difference. I alternate between keeping my Unherd Co. soy candles in there and a nice vase of flowers. The candles are more practical for TV watching because the flowers get in the way a bit.

5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

I thought I’d share my favourite bits with you; this Rattan Chair can add a feature to an otherwise plain room. I’m currently undecided between this wall-mounted shelf and one other, at the moment. And finally,  this gorgeous Aztec-inspired cotton cushion would look great on the aforementioned rattan chair.

Sprout London

I spent an entire weekend researching the best place to get houseplants. I tried various different brands but Sprout London piqued my attention. Firstly, I’ve come to learn that it’s very difficult to post plants. I’ve opened at least five different houseplant packages to find them completely ruined. Sprout seems to have this problem down.

5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

Eye Shut Planter, ASOS | Peace Lily, part of Sprout Plant Subscription | Pink Planter, Stupid Egg Interiors

I have a 3-month plant subscription with Sprout. I’ve had two months so far; I received a beautiful cactus and a peace lily. I think I will continue it past month three.

They also offer a plant and coffee subscription and a seed subscription. Subscription services are really popular at the moment and allow smaller businesses a chance at repeat business with their customers, so I’m always up for trying out the good ones.

H&M Home

Perhaps H&M Home is an obvious one but I couldn’t possibly ignore its existence. As you can probably tell, I try to buy from independent shops wherever I can, but H&M Home is the best in high-street homeware.

5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

Tassled Cushion, H&M (sold out) | Round Pom Pom Cushion, Lululale | Bedspread, H&M (sold out)

When you don’t have time to shop around for hours, or you just need something small to fill a space, H&M Home always has the answers. Plus, it’s extremely good value and very trend-led. When you’re looking for something trend-led for your home, I think choosing somewhere a little bit cheaper is always a good idea because this type of style can quickly go out of fashion.

I’ve got my eye on a few items at the moment. Two of this cushion would be a great addition to our sofa. I really don’t know why (it’d go with nothing in my kitchen) but this mug is so cool.

Cox & Cox

My wishlist for Cox & Cox is as long as my arm. I would recommend becoming part of their email database, too, because each week they do 20% off the weekend edit and they always have subscriber exclusive sales on there.

Faux Plant, Cox & Cox | Rug, Cox & Cox | Dog, unavailable

Ignore how odd our house looks in the picture above; I can assure you the aloe vera plant doesn’t live there – we’d only just moved in at this point. I wanted to share with you a picture that featured my faux Aloe Vera plant and my rug. I’m not a huge fan of faux plants but when you’ve got a dog (and pretty much every houseplant is toxic to animals) sometimes you just have to fake it. I hunted high and low for the most real looking fake plants and Cox & Cox would be my recommendation.

Some of my favourite bits at the moment include; this beautiful pom-pom throw. This egg chair (in fact, I’m obsessed with egg chairs generally). And finally, this bee door knocker. I seem to have revealed a bit of a love for bees throughout the duration of this post.


I get your confusion. Paperchase isn’t a home decor website. Let me explain; part of home decor for me is organisation. If your house has no order behind the scenes, it might look nice on the surface but the chaos that ensues every time a cupboard door is opened paints a different picture.

5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

5 Favourite Home Decor Websites

Photo Album, Paperchase | Label Maker, Amazon | Bed Spread, H&M (Sold Out) | Photos, Snapfish

My house has got to be a place I feel relaxed in. At the moment, I’m spending a lot of time organising photos and re-doing cupboards. When we moved it we threw everything, everywhere, so it’s nice to get a bit of order back.

As well as getting my photo albums from Paperchase, I have a few other favourites; I try to always have a good supply of neutral wrapping paper so you don’t have to fumble around if a wrapping paper worthy occasion pops up. I keep all of my house documents in ring binders. I like these recycled ones. Finally, I like to keep everything in labelled containers; you can get pots from IKEA for super-cheap (they’re the sets usually used for packed lunches).


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