How to style your home with vintage homeware

In this week’s blog post, I’ve done something a little bit different and enlisted the help of Rachel McKenna co-founder of Zebra Homeware to talk us through how to style your home with vintage homeware. I’ve been chatting about vintage homeware a lot lately as you would have probably noticed with my how to put up a basket wall blog post.

Rachel is an expert is picking out vintage finds, and I know you’ll love these suggestions. I’ve certainly learnt a lot.

How to style your home with vintage homeware - Caroline Allen

Vintage homeware is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Not only are vintage pieces better quality, but they are unique and full of character. Buying pre-loved and second hand is also great for the environment. 

Here are some tips on how to style your home with vintage homeware:

Identify your style 

Start by identifying your own personal style. Whether that be rustic, retro, bohemian or something else, there are so many to choose from. Incorporating vintage into your home doesn’t mean taking an all or nothing approach. A popular trend at the moment is mid-century modern which involves adding a few vintage pieces amongst modern decor.

Follow interior accounts 

Search for people who share your style on Instagram. Seeing other people’s homes is a great source of inspiration and helps build up an idea of what you’d like to do in your own home. Our favourites at the moment are Lisa Loves Vintage (@lisa_loves_vintage) and Happy Bohemian Home (@happybohemianhome).

Buy magazines 

Magazines are a great source of inspiration for interiors. Our favourite is Reclaim as it’s dedicated to vintage home decor and is always filled with great ideas. Traditional titles like House Beautiful, House and Garden and Living etc are also great sources of inspiration. Plus there’s also nothing like a good old fashioned magazine. 

Create a moodboard 

Moodboards are a fun way to bring to life your ideas and create a vision of what you want your home to look like. Pinterest is a great tool for this as there is endless amounts of content to pin. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can even get your pritt-stick out and create a paper version using snippets from your favourite magazines or Instagram accounts.

Look out for trends 

Just like modern decor, vintage homeware goes through a trend cycle. Brass and copper are very trendy at the moment, as is G-plan furniture which originates from the 1950s. We’ve particularly seen an increase in demand for natural wood pieces like bamboo, rattan and wicker which are perfect for creating a bohemian look.

How to style your home with vintage homeware - Caroline Allen

Be bold

Don’t be afraid to go for bold colours, patterns and textures. The beauty of vintage is that it holds so much history so you can usually find something that fits your personal style. A great way to start is by adding a statement piece of furniture like a funky-patterned armchair or a colourful plant pot.

Accessorise with plants 

House plants add so much character to a home and can really complement vintage furniture and homeware. You can also get creative with your pots too – old watering cans, wicker baskets or mugs make great alternative homes for your favourite plants.

Our favourite place to get inspiration at the moment is Houseplanthouse (@_houseplanthouse).

Upcycle furniture 

Upcycling old furniture is such a good way to create something unique and bespoke for your home. You can get really creative with this, from choosing the colours to adding some new handles. If you don’t fancy a spot of DIY, you can find lots of restored pieces online and in antique stores.

How to style your home with vintage homeware - Caroline Allen
How to style your home with vintage homeware - Caroline Allen

Shop around 

There are so many places to shop for vintage homeware. If you’re shopping online, platforms like Etsy and Vinterior are great, especially if you have something specific in mind. Flea markets, bootfairs and charity shops are also great for finding unique homeware pieces.

Use a vintage sourcing service

Antique sourcing services are great if you need a little helping hand or are looking for something specific for your home. We love following Samanatha and Tara, founders of Your Antique Sourcing Studio (@yourantiquesourcingstudio) who are always hunting down amazing treasures.


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