Here’s why the moon makes us feel moody

There’s a reason why women are feeling particularly moody at the moment. You might not believe the moon influences our moods, so before I get into why we’re feeling completely out of our minds at the moment, I’m just going to explain why and how it does.

There has been a lot of scientific research into moon phases (it’s not just me being a hippy). In fact, the word “lunatic” is derived from Old English and literally translates as “moon sick”.

Aristotle believed that the reason our minds are influenced by the moon is because our brains are a “moist” (gross) organ. This meant that it could be influenced by the moon in the same way that tides are.

If you really want to go deep into it, Ujjwal Chakraborty wrote a paper on how different moon phases impact our moods.

I could go on and on. There’s so much research to support our links to the moon, but if you’re still not convinced, do some reading for yourself. It’s all on the internet for you to mull over.

So, why did we all start feeling like hell yesterday?

Did you find yourself in a weird mood yesterday? This is because of the Havest Moon. It might be a hard one to deal with emotionally, but it does look so nice.

It takes 29.5 days to travel across the earth. During those days we are treated to each moon phase. The reason why astrologers typically see the moon as female is because we have very similar cycles. Each cycle occurs 7.4 days apart and each cycle brings with it a new feeling or energy.

The Harvest Moon isn’t your standard full moon, though. It takes place between two weeks before and two weeks after the fall equinox (we’re two weeks before right now).

The moon is currently directly opposing the sun, alongside Neptune and opposing Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The moon in conjuction with Neptune

When the moon is working alongside Neptune, or bodies can fall into a hazy, idealistic, unproductive state.

You might have started feeling a bit weird yesterday and that mood might take you into the weekend. It’s because the moon is currently opposing Mercury, Venus and Mars, which might make you feel like you’re constantly battling.

You might feel torn between everything; your mind and your heart, your ambition and your desperate need to do nothing. For me, it was a battle between the work I needed to do and my deep feeling to procrastinate all day. Honestly, my brain felt like a big bowl of water and I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

When Neptune is running the show, your dreams and imagination might run wild. Neptune has this weird ability to make things seem much better or much worse than they actually are.

For example; you might have a sudden urge to reach out to a rubbish friend (were they really that bad?)

How to get through it

Don’t make any sudden decisions. If you have a random urge to do something out of character, write it down and sit on it until next week. If you still feel like doing it then, go for it. 

Just like people didn’t want to be held accountable for their actions when mercury was in retrograde, people also shouldn’t be held accountable for who they decide to text during the Harvest Moon!

I’m interested in hearing about how many of you felt odd yesterday. There was certainly a lot of people on Twitter, which sparked me to write this article.



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