Spring Update

I’ve never done an update post before, but I feel like I’ve got quite a lot of updates to share this month. I really enjoy reading other people’s update posts, too. I’m going to split it into categories because I’m nothing if not hideously organised…

Caroline Allen Podcast


Thank you to everybody who has asked about the Podcast and when it’s coming back. There have been more of you than I expected so thank you. If you don’t usually listen to podcasts, it’s quite common practice to have a break after around 10 episodes and then start again with a season 2, so that’s what we’re doing.

It’s hard to make sure the content is as good as we want it to be when we have very little free time to make that happen right now. We will be back, though, and I’ll keep you updated on Twitter & Facebook.

How To Start An Anti-Ageing Routine


YouTube is a weird one for me. I love making videos and have such grand plans in my head for how I’d like the videos to look etc. but realistically the level of production and editing I need to do to make the videos happen just isn’t sustainable.

I applaud people who hold down a full-time job, a blog, a YouTube channel, hobbies & relationships. Teach me your ways. For me, though, something has to give and for now, I’ve chosen the YouTube channel. It’s the most time-consuming and the least rewarding (again, this is all for me personally), so it’s not necessarily SEE YA forever, but just for now.

I am, however, making a lot more videos for Instagram Stories. It’s a nice, easy way for me to video snippets of my day so if that’s something you’re into, please follow me.

New House

We’ve moved! I’m so, so happy in our new house. It’s quite a new house (13 years old) so it doesn’t need a large amount of work but moving in any capacity is quite a stress-inducing exercise. My blog posts and social media content is a lot more geared towards interiors lately, that’s just because that’s what is in my head most of the time.

We’ve moved from Kent to Essex. I think moving to a new county is a medium on the stress scale (next door being low and new country being high). If anybody has any recommendations for Chelmsford-based stuff (restaurants, activities, walks etc.) please send ’em my way.

New Dog

On the subject of new stuff, we’ve got a dog now. Do you remember when I said only change one thing at a time? That’s still very good advice, you should listen to that me and not the me that has upheaved my entire life in one month.

Milly is a labrador and we rescued her from Battersea. She’s a breath of fresh air and has taken to her new home very well. I thought the adoption experience at Battersea was really good and I’ve just loved having her. Each day she becomes a little bit more comfortable in our presence and that’s a really nice transition to watch.

Spring Update

New Job

Oooh, another new thing! I’m coming to the end of my two major projects that have consumed my time over the past year. One is a private ghostwriting project and the other is my Krays’ London book which will be out with Pen & Sword next year.

I was faced with a bit of a decision; find more freelance work or take on a full-time role. I still hadn’t fully made up my mind but when I saw that Lifehouse Spa was looking for a Marketing Manager, I took it as a sign. As you’ll all know, my entire career has been based around hotels and spas. I’ve had to do a lot of travelling for it, but this one (thankfully) is on my (new) doorstep!

I’ll commence this role on 8th May & look forward to chatting with some of my favourite journalists and bloggers again!

I’ll still be continuing with my writing and writing projects, so please feel free to get in touch if you have any specific requirements in that area.

And that’s it…

I thought this was the easiest way to update everybody simultaneously! I quite like updates and goals posts, so I might start a monthly goals post moving forward.


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