How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer
June 1, 2017 Caroline Allen
How To Make Clothes Last Longer

There’s something very frustrating about buying a new top, putting it through the wash once and then it never looking the same again. Luckily, there are small tips that you can add into your everyday routines to make clothes last longer.

If you’re still at the organisation phase of your wardrobe clear out, I’d recommend reading here, first. My first wardrobe post was all about how to effectively organise your clothes.

After carting many bags of barely worn clothes off to the charity shop, I decided to change my clothing aftercare. Here are the tips that I use everyday:

Good Hangers

This is simple, but essential. If your clothes are always falling from the hangers or you find yourself having to double hang something (oh, the shame) then it’s time to invest in some quality hangers.

how to make your clothes last longer

My BUMERANG White Hangers are from IKEA and are available in packs of 8 for £4. It’s actually quite hard to find white hangers, but if you want to try the capsule wardrobe look, they’re essential. In an ideal world I would’ve purchases Zara Home’s extremely elusive rose gold hangers, but I still can’t find them anywhere online.

Dry Clean

If you have a choice between paying to take your favourite coat to the dry cleaners or just chucking it in the washing machine and hoping for the best, what would you choose? People seem to be dry-cleaning averse, but it’s essential if you want to look after your clothes.

how to make your clothes last longer

I take hand-wash only items to the dry cleaners (because my sink just doesn’t cut it) and I also take my favourite higher-priced items there, too. I’ve ruined a few things before by not looking after them properly. If you own a waterproof mac, make sure that goes to the dry cleaners, as they add the protective layer back on after washing.

Fold Your Jumpers

The majority of my jumpers are not made to be hung. When you hang heavy jumpers they are weighed down and quickly lose their shape. Jumpers are one of the hardest things to look after well, but this simple tip will go some way to keeping their shape.

how to make your clothes last longer

It’s also important not to hang them up when they’re drying. I tend to lay mine on a clothes horse. Again, the weight plus the water retention will mean they quickly lose shape. You can also lay them on a dry towel – this is particularly important for wool jumpers.

Use A De-Bobbler

When I discovered this, it revolutionised the way I looked after my clothes! A lot of my jumpers became bobbly after washing and sometimes just from wear. I’m afraid to say I’ve thrown away some jumpers because of their excessive bobbling, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve been painstakingly using this piling comb, £5, from The White Company for the past year or so. It takes hours. I have, however, recently discovered this Bobble Buster from Lakeland, £8.99. This acts like a shaver to remove bobbles.

Invest In A Good Clothes Bag

If you travel a lot, buying a clothes bag is a great investment. It protects your clothes and also decreases the chance of you having to pull out that awful hotel room iron.

how to make your clothes last longer

I use this amazing Burberry cover. As far as I’m aware (I have looked online) you can only get it when you buy something from Burberry. But, some people seem to be selling theirs on eBay – so if you’re looking to keep your clothes fresh, I’d recommend something similar to this.

Have A Lint Roller To Hand

I am obsessed with lint rollers. How do people go through their lives without ever using one? I’m sure you’ve all experienced clothes that just pick up every bit of dust imaginable. It’s usually black denim or corduroy that does this, but it can happen with a lot of dark clothes.

Lint rollers make your clothes look fresh in the most cost-effective way possible. They’re not an expensive purchase, but they will make the world of difference to your fluffy clothes!

Give Long Dresses & Skirts Room To Breathe

how to make your clothes last longer

Like most women in the world, maxi and midi skirts and dresses are my summer saviours. I pack my summer clothes neatly away during the winter, but when I get them back out again, I make sure that they can hang all the way down to the floor.

If they’re always crumpled by bags and shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe, you’ll never be able to just pick it up and wear it. You’ll first have to iron it or wait for the creases to fall out. Give your dresses room and they’ll look better and last longer.

What are your tips?

I’d love to hear more tips from you on how to keep your clothes looking good for longer. It’s not easy – especially with winter-wear, I find, but these little tips should help. If you like this post, please feel free to share it, like it etc.

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