5 Products I’ll Be Taking On Holiday

There are a lot of products out there claiming to be your skincare saviours or hair tamers during the summer months. I should know; I’ve tried most of them. As we’ve had such an amazing summer in the UK, I’ve been using products I usually reserve for holidays. I thought I’d share with you my top picks and the ones that I’ll be taking on holiday with me later in the year.

Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil

Let me start by saying this is pricey. I was sent this by Rodin – I don’t make a habit of buying £105 bottles of luxury face oil, but it’s very good. I’m including it in this post because if you do like to splurge on skincare, then this – my friends – is the way to do it. I also wrote about the lipsticks not so long ago, and I still think they are very good.

5 Products I'll Be Taking On Holiday

5 Products I'll Be Taking On Holiday

For £105, you’re going to want pretty solid proof that this is going to have a positive effect on your skin. After frequent use, I can assure you it absolutely does. The ingredients are exceptional and are seen in the beauty world as being particularly luxury – hence the price point. The reason I’m taking it with me, though, is because I believe it nourishes my skin in a way I’ve never seen before.

When I use this, I don’t need to wear make-up. It brightens my eyes and cheeks and highlights my cheekbones flawlessly. A couple of drops last me all day, too. I don’t like wearing a lot of make-up on holiday, so this is a really good option.

I’m sure most of you will love the smell. I don’t. I’ve never really liked the smell of almond oil and I think that’s quite a prominent scent. I only need two small drops to cover my face, though, so it does last for quite some time. Like I said, I wouldn’t usually mention such a high-price item but if you are happy to invest a bit more into your skincare or you’re looking for a bit of a miracle worker, it’s worth looking into this oil.

Phil Smith Cocolicious Firm Hold Hairspray

I’ve been looking for a hairspray like this for so long, but I’ve never found the right consistency. Although it says ‘firm hold’ it doesn’t leave your hair feeling clogged. Aside from the consistency, the smell is important. I don’t enjoy getting hit by the strong smell of hairspray throughout the day; this one smells like coconuts and doesn’t have a hint of the chemical-ridden scent.

5 Products I'll Be Taking On Holiday

I got this alongside the Heat Defence Mist, which is also very good. I try to use Phil Smith hair products wherever possible because I think the work the brand does against animal testing is great. This particular hairspray holds my hair in place throughout the day but doesn’t leave my hair so crispy it could snap! If you’ve got curls or a hairstyle which needs a little bit more hold, I would recommend going in for a second spray to give it an even firmer finish.

The reason this has made it onto my holiday list is because of the lightness. The last thing you want in the heat is a product that’s going to weigh you down. Both this and the Heat Defence Mist will be coming with me. If you’re regularly blow drying or straightening/curling your hair, heat defence is so important.

Umberto Giannini Pool Proof Protection

I know what you’re thinking; for somebody with so little hair, she takes a lot of hair products on holiday with her! But, as anybody who has their hair coloured will attest, chlorine does all kinds of weird things to the colour.

5 Products I'll Be Taking On Holiday

I tried all of this holiday hair range for research and was so impressed. I’ve used Umberto Giannini for years, and the quality of these products are no exception to the quality I’ve come to expect.

Specifically, the protection cream works so well with my hair. It helps protect against chlorine and salt water and the brand describes it as an ‘invisible shower cap’. All of the products are made with coconut oil, which has always worked really well with my skin and hair.

I haven’t really used the Mermaid Hair Volume Mousse because of the length of my hair, but I really like the Catch A Wave Coconut Oil Texture Spray. It gives my hair that beachy feeling without the sand! The Shampoo and Conditioner are great, too. Boots is also doing 3 for 2 on these products at the moment, so it’s worth giving them a go if you’ve got a holiday coming up.

Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion

I love a good body lotion. Mostly, I buy my body lotions from Jo Malone or Molton Brown. There are two reasons I don’t take these with me on holiday, though; 1. they don’t travel well. 2. They are a bit too luxurious, thick & are products I use for a special ocassion. This Nivea Q10 lotion is my favourite everyday lotion.

5 Products I'll Be Taking On Holiday

The firming lotion – which is fairly new – boasts that you will see firmer skin and better elasticity within 10 days. I was quite sceptical about this, but I definitely noticed a difference in my skin.

The reason I will be taking this on holiday is that the consistency is so light. When you’re slathering yourself in body lotion at every given opportunity, the last thing you want is a really thick consistency that won’t easily melt into the skin. It absorbs quickly and I feel as though I don’t have to constantly re-apply it to see a difference throughout the day.

Neal’s Yard Goodnight Pillow Mist

I’ve recently raved in my Citizen Femme column about the This Works Pillow Spray, which I also love and use daily. But, I thought this Neal’s Yard one deserved a mention, too. I’ll be taking this one on holiday with me because I see it as a bit of a treat. So many people struggle to sleep the first few nights of their holiday, be it because of jetlag or just because they’re yet to familiarise themselves with their surroundings.

5 Products I'll Be Taking On Holiday

If you use this for a month before your holiday and then spray it on your pillow each night before you go to sleep, you’ll likely find that you sleep so much better from the offset. It certainly worked for me, anyway.

The Goodnight Pillow Mist contains organic lavender, vetiver and mandarin essential oils; all blended to give you the perfect night sleep – wherever you are in the world!

What are some of your favourite holiday products?


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